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Leech OK Dinghy

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Dan Slater has won the 2019 OK Dinghy World Championship sailing in his Leech OK dinghy in a fleet of 111 boats.

Three Leech boats where in the top five and six Leech boats in the top ten.


The new Leech MK 4 OK Dinghy is under development and production will start soon. The boats will be built using composites in a female hull mold. Boats will be supplied with painted hull, decks and cockpit ready for fit out. The Leech MK 4 will not be available as a home build kit.

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Plywood Kitset Boat.

The Leech OK dinghy got first and second in the 2014 world titles and has also won many national titles. The idea behind this project was to create a kitset system that was easy to use so the home builder could build their own boat using marine plywood.

This concept has proven to be extremely successful, with a large group of Leech OK dinghy’s sailing world wide.

Article on the Leech OK Dinghy www.okdia.org/features/15_return-of-the-woodie.php


“Dan Leech was chosen to undertake the design work for our OK dinghy update programme. This was a twofold programme of both update of the existing design and also producing plans and cut files to enable plywood kit set construction.

Dan’s knowledge of small yacht design and performance allowed us to quickly identify the areas where small gains could be made in performance which he seamlessly incorporated into the new design, and his back ground in boat building together with his naval architecture skills meant his eye for the details of the kit set boat construction meant every small detail for ease of construction was taken care of.

Once constructed, the first 3 boats delivered the expected performance gains with them taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in one of the highly competitive New Zealand raking regattas, and two of the boats going on to take 1st and 2nd place at the 2014 worlds and 3rd place at the 2017 worlds to also go with 4 New Zealand titles so far.

Dan’s talents as a national champion winning sailor, boat builder and naval architect, along with his enthusiasm for boating in general make him the new generation of top draw New Zealand designer and we have since commissioned Leech Boats to undertake the re design work on our 40ft performance cruiser of which the work so far has been top notch”.

Matt Stechmann – OK dinghy world champion sailing in his Leech OK dinghy

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